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Lamu is an island, located in the north of Kenya, near Somalia.

The total population of the county is about 100,000, and Mokowe is home to about 5,000 people.

As of 2018 Mokowe is the bureaucratic centre of Lamu County.



of the population

live below the poverty line.


of children

suffer from malnutrition


of children

do not go to school


We came to the Mokowe school thanks to a special child, Adberraman.

At Be Social, we cannot conceive education and nutrition one without the other. That’s why we are committed to offer the children a healthy nutrition that allows them to develop their abilities.

Two glasses of black tea, some Ugali (a typical Kenyan dish based on flour and water with hardly any nutrients), some legumes, rice with hardly any vegetables or fruit, is the food that the school can afford to give its students.

With the collaboration of Loles Silvestre, a lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences at CEU-UHC Valencia, we began with the study of the anthropometric data, which confirmed what we feared: the children in Mokowe were suffering from malnutrition.

Our aim is to achieve an improvement in nutrition to at least 60-70% of the daily minimum recommended by the WHO.

In order to achieve this, we are planning 4 consecutive actions:

01. A reform of the kitchen, to avoid additional risks of food toxi-infection and to facilitate the treatment of food, taking care of its nutritional value. There will be a food preparation area, a clean and safe storage area and a fridge for fresh produce.

02. Under the supervision of Loles Silvestre, basic local recipes will be prepared, made with local products and with sufficient nutritional value.

03. The elaboration of a weekly menu, with the previous recipes already optimised, which will allow us to better organise the monthly shopping.

04. The fourth action, the last one to achieve our objective and not the least important, is to give sustainability to the project. To do this, we will train a local cook for a year, so that at the end of the year he or she will be the one to prepare the menu. We will create an organic vegetable garden and a chicken coop to supply us with the necessary products. These spaces, in turn, will be used for occupational workshops with the students.

Lourdes and Begoña from Be Social Project set up a very similar project in another NGO where they were involved before and experienced first-hand how healthy nutrition changed the lives of children in a school.

We are working to ensure that children in Mokowe have access to healthy nutrition.


Mokowe School for the Mentally Disabled is a public school where 112 children with functional diversity live.

Kenyan society still struggles with these situations. Many children with disabilities in Africa are confined to their homes as a result of social stigmatisation and/or the harsh living conditions associated with poverty and lack of resources (personal and material) of their families.

The school becomes, more than ever, a safe place where their personal characteristics are understood and respected. The professionals of the Special Education centres offer the necessary support to enhance their abilities and develop their skills in order to favour their autonomy and independence. The added value of this project is its human value. The children have formed a big family, a family that loves and cares for each other.

The teaching staff has 6 people trained in Special Education, one of them is also the director of the centre and another one works as a social worker. They are supported by a cook, a caretaker, a maintenance person and 3 midwives in charge of supporting the students in their daily tasks, encouraging their autonomy.

The team at the school is wonderful and they achieve incredible results with the limited resources they have.

The staff is very motivated by the improvements we can bring from Be Social Project.

For Be Social Project it is a real pleasure to collaborate with people who are so open, enthusiastic, and concerned about improving the lives of the children at the school.

Be Social Project: Sowing, Building and Transforming.

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